28 Year Old Founder of Bad Bxar Wrld Launches “The Universal Green Standard” as a New Tech-Based Startup to Invest In

Riverview, FL, December 08, 2022 –(PR.com)– Bad Bxar Wrld is proud to announce the launch of its newest platform, The Universal Green Standard. The Universal Green Standard is a solution to the current economics involving the fashion industry and consumer to manufacturer relationship.

The Universal Green Standard is planning to launch in 2023 and can be accessed through the website during its Beta phase. The company is confident that The Universal Green Standard will be a valuable addition to their online experiences and will be adopted as the new standard for online shopping.

The company believes that they are now entering a new age of technology where big data comes into fruition. The online retailers that are seen today are products of the revolution in technology emerging in the early 2000s. Bad Bxar Wrld will be the first digital retailer to emerge in this new age revolution of technology, utilizing text-to-image AI.

Bad Bxar Wrld is a streetwear brand and apparel company established in 2021, storytelling through its collectives. The company emphasizes fashion, art, culture, technology, and philanthropy. The Universal Green Standard will be a representation of Bad Bxar Wrld’s values and missions.

For more information about The Universal Green Standard and Bad Bxar Wrld, please visit https://www.badbxar.com/bad-bxar-wrld-blogs.

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