Access to TweetDeck limited to Twitter verified users after 30-day period, confirms Twitter.

After experiencing difficulties accessing TweetDeck in recent days, Twitter has released an updated version of the web app. Starting in 30 days, only verified users will be able to access TweetDeck, including Twitter Blue subscribers, verified organizations, and users who have received verification from Twitter. The new version of TweetDeck will retain all saved searches and workflows from the previous version, and users can also import their columns if they choose. The updated TweetDeck will feature full composer functionality, Spaces, video docking, and polls, but Teams functionality will be temporarily unavailable. Twitter is offering a 30-day trial of the new TweetDeck before requiring users to subscribe to Twitter Blue.

Recent limitations on accessing TweetDeck were imposed by Elon Musk, resulting in certain features being unavailable. Many social media managers and brands utilize TweetDeck, so they may seek alternative platforms with better features now that it will become a paid product. Twitter has been testing a new version of TweetDeck for several years and is now globally rolling it out under new management. The company removed legacy APIs to prevent scraping, impacting the web app. Musk implemented read limits of 1,000 tweets per day for non-verified users and 10,000 for verified users.

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