Amazon is developing an improved LLM to power Alexa

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy announced during the company’s Q1 earnings call that they are currently working on a new Large Language Model (LLM) for Alexa. The LLM, similar to ChatGPT, is an algorithm that can recognize, summarize, and generate content based on vast amounts of text data. Jassy believes that the new LLM will help Amazon achieve its goal of building the world’s best personal assistant, but acknowledges that it will be challenging to do so across multiple domains. He notes that Amazon has a good starting point with Alexa, with a few hundred million endpoints being used across various industries. Jassy also highlighted that Amazon invested in AI and LLMs for years, leading to the development of Bedrock, which provides a way to build generative AI-powered apps via pretrained models from startups. Other major tech companies such as Apple and Google are also developing LLM-based improvements for their products. Alphabet, Microsoft, and Meta all emphasized their investments in large language models during their Q1 calls.

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