Apple Unveils Vision Pro a Mixed Reality Headset.

Apple Vision pro

Apple, the well-known iPhone manufacturer, has unveiled its groundbreaking mixed reality headset, named Vision Pro, at an event held at its Cupertino, California headquarters. This highly anticipated device promises to merge digital content with the real environment to provide unprecedented experiences.

Apple vision pro

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, characterized the Vision Pro as “revolutionary”. Resembling ski goggles, this headset aims to project augmented reality elements onto its screen and blend them naturally with the physical surroundings. The device’s capabilities include viewing multimedia content and internet browsing.

Vision Pro relies on a dedicated operating system, visionOS, which has been developed specifically for such products. Apple claims that the device’s interface adjusts according to the content the user is consuming, and even includes a completely immersive cinema mode.

The initial price of the Vision Pro will be $3,499. Despite its substantial cost, Apple argues that the advanced features of the device justify its price. Each visor will provide a resolution higher than 4K, and the device will be equipped with two capsules to produce spatial sound. Additionally, an infrared system and cameras will capture the user’s environment in real time, allowing the device to adapt to the circumstances of its use.

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