CEO of Reddit Expresses Anger, Twitter Faces Eviction, and NYC Delivery Workers Receive Salary Boost

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Most read:
– Reddit’s CEO, Steve Huffman, defends the platform’s API changes and charging third-party apps.
– Over 300 subreddits, including popular ones like r/aww and r/futurology, have gone dark indefinitely in protest of Reddit’s API changes.
– Twitter has been evicted from its Boulder office due to unpaid rent.
– Carvana, despite securing billions in financing, has yet to record a real profit.
– The ransomware gang, Clop, lists victims of its mass-hacks, including U.S. banks and universities.
– Google Lens now has the capability to identify skin conditions from uploaded photos.
– New minimum wage for NYC delivery workers has both workers and companies unsatisfied.
– YouTube is expanding its monetization program for creators who meet certain requirements.

– The TechCrunch Podcast revisits Inside Startup Battlefield.
– Found features Amy Brown, co-founder and CEO of Authenticx.
– Chain Reaction discusses experiences in the blockchain space.

TechCrunch+ highlights:
– Corporate America’s bets on AI.
– Smaller VCs are increasing diversity within venture capital.
– Founders approach AI in healthcare cautiously, considering the ethical implications.

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