Credential Sentry, a Toronto-Based Startup, Automates Occupational License Verification in an Effort to Combat Negligent Hiring and Retention

Toronto, Canada, January 24, 2023 –(– As jury awards and legal settlements continue to result in multimillion-dollar losses for businesses that fail to properly vet their employees, the importance of professional license verification becomes increasingly clear. A Toronto-based startup has developed an advanced data analytics algorithm to streamline the credential verification process for businesses operating in licensed industries, combatting this issue and protecting employers across the United States and Canada from the losses incurred as a result of hiring or retaining personnel whose license has been suspended or expired, or who have become ineligible to practice their trade. The algorithm automatically cross-references the names of professionals against official third-party registries and checks the license status of each licensed professional daily, notifying employers or business partners of any changes. It is the first self-service solution available for businesses that employ or collaborate with licensed professionals to schedule bulk automated checks on employees and partners across a wide range of occupations, including those falling within the domains of healthcare, accounting, law, and more. The automated system streamlines the manual task of verifying licenses of accredited professionals, enabling businesses to save time and reduce their risk of costly legal repercussions. Organizations are becoming increasingly exposed and thus aware of the potential financial, legal, and reputational ramifications of negligent retention and hiring lawsuits, prompting the need for regular license checks of their employees and partners. To bolster this effort, the algorithm is able to authenticate licenses in New York, the US, Ontario, and British Columbia, Canada. In the coming weeks, additional states such as Florida, California, and others will be added to this list. The company’s objective is to strengthen the safeguards related to recruitment and personnel management for organizations and businesses that engage licensed professionals and rely on their work.

About Credential Sentry: In 2021, Credential Sentry was founded with the mission of revolutionizing risk mitigation in regulated industries. Led by a team of experienced entrepreneurs and software engineers, the Toronto-based startup is utilizing its unique algorithm to automate the license verification process for businesses, with a focus on promoting safe hiring practices and building trust in the workplace. The innovative startup is committed to moving the needle on risk mitigation in regulated industries and is constantly searching for new, efficient ways to foster trust and security. With a shared passion to provide businesses with the resources they need to stay compliant with regulations and protect their employees, the team works around the clock to ensure that their platform is secure and comprehensive, currently serving clients in the US and Canada.

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