Digital Wellness Institute Announces ATB Financial as the First Certified Digitally Well Workplace™

New York, NY, April 27, 2023 –(– The Digital Wellness Institute is pleased to announce that ATB Financial has been awarded the honor of being the first Certified Digitally Well Workplace™ in the world. This achievement signifies ATB’s commitment to prioritizing the digital well-being of its team members.

As defined by the Digital Wellness Institute, a “Digitally Well Workplace” is one that prioritizes employee well-being by cultivating a positive digital culture that promotes focus, improves mental health, and fosters meaningful relationships away from screens. Through evidence-based social and environmental interventions, awareness building, assessment, and education, the workplace offers resources to equip all employees to live a life of Digital Flourishing™, thereby resulting in better workplace productivity, mental health, and retention.

Digital Flourishing™ is the unique approach of The Digital Wellness Institute. It refers to a mindful approach to digital technology usage that supports thriving in different areas of life. This approach empowers humans to take advantage of the benefits of technology while avoiding associated harms.

The Digital Wellness Institute recognizes two levels of accreditation for workplaces: Rising Digitally Well Workplaces™ and Certified Digitally Well Workplaces™. The highest level of recognition is reserved for organizations that go above and beyond, creating a precedent for all other workplaces to follow. They are recognized as those that:

– Appoint a champion to oversee digital wellness within the company
– Provide digital wellness workshops to employees
– Measure the state of digital well-being within the workplace
– Certify a digital wellness educator on staff
– Offer digital wellness trainings to employees
– Promote tech-balance in the office environment
– Protect the right to disconnect

Those certified are amongst a select but growing group of organizations that thoughtfully think about the ways employees can maximize the benefits of technology while mitigating its potential affiliated harms.

ATB Financial has achieved the highest level of recognition by spearheading an impressive employee digital wellness campaign that has included a reach of 2,000 employees. “We are thrilled to recognize ATB Financial as the first Certified Digitally Well Workplace in 2023,” said Amy Blankson, CEO of the Digital Wellness Institute. “Their dedication to improving the productivity, mental health, and retention of their employees – and creating an inclusive digital environment that supports the flourishing of their community – is exemplary, and we hope to see more workplaces follow their lead.”

As the first Certified Digitally Well Workplace™, ATB Financial will serve as a role model for other institutions seeking to prioritize digital wellness. The Digital Wellness Institute is committed to supporting workplaces in their efforts to create a healthier and more balanced digital environment for their communities.

Tune in to a panel with ATB’s Director of People and Culture, Kerilee Snatenchuk, and Corporate Wellness Manager, Mark McConnell, on Digital Wellness Day, May 5, 2023, to learn more about this groundbreaking announcement. Register here.

The mission of Digital Wellness Day is to provide free, research-based resources to support well-being in the digital era. This global movement and international holiday represents a time to “practice a pause” and optimize our relationship with technology in different areas ranging from mental health to productivity, workplace well-being, and beyond.

For more information on the Digital Wellness Institute and its certification programs for workplaces, visit

Digital Wellness Institute

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