Discover the Cutting-Edge Industrial Robotics of Tomorrow at Disrupt’s Hardware Stage

Robotics investments were showing positive trends before 2020, but the pandemic significantly increased investor interest as more companies sought to automate work. Manufacturing has been automated for many years, and the pandemic also led to a surge in labor shortages and the adoption of warehouse/logistics robotics.

With labor shortages persisting, investors see great potential for growth in a new wave of industrial robots in sectors that have yet to be fully tapped. Agtech, construction, and healthcare are all promising areas.

We are pleased to have Claire Delaunay, advisory board member of Farm-ng, Tessa Lau, founder and CEO of Dusty Robotics, and Andrea Thomaz, CEO of Diligent Robotics, joining us on the Hardware Stage at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023. The event will take place on September 19-21 in San Francisco.

During a panel discussion, these leading roboticists will share insights on the latest advancements in agtech, construction, and healthcare. Building robust robotics systems is notoriously challenging, particularly when it comes to scaling and product deployment. They will discuss the challenges they face in these areas. In addition, they will discuss how the pandemic, supply chain issues, and labor shortages have impacted their strategies for company growth and securing funding.

Claire Delaunay is an experienced robotics and engineering professional who has worked on groundbreaking projects at Nvidia, Otto, and Google Robotics.

Tessa Lau is an award-winning CEO and roboticist who is revolutionizing the construction industry with Dusty Robotics. She was previously involved in automation projects at Savioke Robotics and Willow Garage.

Andrea Thomaz, CEO and co-founder of Diligent Robotics, is a recognized expert in social robotics. She has received numerous accolades for her work in the field.

More discussions with experts can be found on the Hardware Stage, which covers topics such as robotics, consumer electronics, and space. This is one of the six new stages at Disrupt, each focusing on a breakthrough sector.

Join the global startup community at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023, taking place on September 19-21 in San Francisco. Buy your pass now and save up to $625.

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