Epique Realty Gives Agents Free Billboards

Austin, TX, September 28, 2022 –(PR.com)– Epique Realty is a modern agent-owned tech startup brokerage already defined by their “insane benefits,” as described on their wildly popular Instagram page (@epiquerealty). With unheard of benefits like Free Professional Listing Photography, Free Yard Signs, Free Leads, and even a Free Car Wash Membership, it’s little surprise to those in the industry that the startup would try and revolutionize Traditional Advertising as well.

“We’re already known as a tech-driven company, but traditional advertising is not dead and still works for many of our agents. We’re always looking for ways to help our agents get ahead in a competitive market,” said Joshua Miller, CEO of Epique Realty.

Digital billboards have exploded in growth over the last 4 years fueled by marketing companies that now allow instant access to signage uploads. It only takes users minutes to upload a simple graphic and see their sign showing in their location of choice.

“We have set it up so that billboards are a part of our onboarding process. Once an agent onboards with our company, they’ll have their billboard up within 24 hours of joining,” added Miller. This is in stark contrast to the approach taken by many other Brokerages. Only a few Real Estate brokerages have any billboards at all, and even then, most are branding boards promoting the company, not the agent. Individual agents have long been expected to buy their own marketing ads, whether traditional or online.

“The fact that we as a small brokerage can do this, along with our other offerings, means that other large brokerages can afford to do it as well, but just aren’t. Agents have been overlooked by their brokers who treat them like ATMs and that’s just not our approach. We’re an agent-owned company and because of that, our commitment is first and foremost to our agents and investing in their business,” said Miller.

There are currently digital billboards for Epique in the Dallas, Ft. Worth area, Arlington, Greater Houston, The Woodlands & Conroe, Austin, and the San Antonio Metroplex, with many more to come. “We hope to have billboards for our agents all over the state,” said Janice Delcid, Chief Operating Officer of Epique Realty, adding that, “It’s exciting to see them and to see agents take pictures with their boards and share them on social media.”

Epique Realty is a Texas-Based Real Estate Brokerage based in Austin, Texas.

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