Founder at PARENTNashik, CE Shreekant Patil Inspires Students on Engineer’s Day, Highlights the Potential of Startups and Ecosystem in Nashik

Nashik, India, October 13, 2023 –(– CE Shreekant Patil, a distinguished mentor at Startup India and Chairman committee at NIMA Nashik, graced Sapkal Knowledge Hub on Engineer’s Day as the esteemed chief guest. The event served as a platform to celebrate the achievements and contributions of engineers and provided a unique opportunity for Mr. Shreekant Patil shared his insights on how engineers can positively impact the world and thrive within the vibrant startup ecosystem.

During the event, Principal Dr.Bagal and HOD Dr. Nilesh Wankhade felicitated Mr. Shreekant Patil, acknowledging his exceptional contributions in the field of entrepreneurship and mentoring. As an advocate and leader in the startup community, Mr. Shreekant Patil took this opportunity to address the gathering, sharing his expertise and providing valuable guidance to young engineers.

With a focus on startups and the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Nashik, Mr. Shreekant Patil emphasized the immense potential that engineers hold in shaping the future. He highlighted the importance of innovation, problem-solving skills, and resilience when it comes to creating impactful solutions in various domains.

Shreekant Patil said, “As the Chairman of NIMA Nashik, Mr. Shreekant Patil is dedicated to promoting the growth and development of startups in the region. Through his role as a mentor at Startup India, he actively supports aspiring entrepreneurs by providing them with the necessary knowledge, resources, and guidance required to navigate the dynamic startup landscape.”

Mr. Shreekant Patil’s presence at the event served as an inspiration to both students and faculty members alike. His captivating address shed light on the opportunities available within the startup ecosystem and motivated attendees to explore their entrepreneurial potential.

By fostering an environment of innovation, collaboration, and continuous learning, Mr. Shreekant Patil envisions a thriving startup culture in Nashik. He encouraged engineers to leverage their skills and passion to create positive change, ultimately contributing to the growth and development of the region’s startup ecosystem.

About CE Shreekant Patil:
CE Shreekant Patil is a revered mentor at Startup India and the Chairman committee of NIMA Nashik & MACCIA. With his extensive experience and expertise in the startup domain, he actively promotes entrepreneurship and supports aspiring entrepreneurs through mentorship and guidance. Committed to developing and nurturing the startup ecosystem in Nashik, Mr. Patil serves as a catalyst for innovation and growth.

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