Gear Patrol’s Successful Acquisition of DPReview from Amazon

Gear Patrol, a website providing advice, how-tos, and product reviews, recently acquired DPReview from parent company Amazon. This move came as a surprise to many in the photography community, as Amazon had announced plans to shut down DPReview completely. DPReview had been a trusted source of information for photography enthusiasts for 25 years, not only for gear reviews but also for its active forum where photography enthusiasts could engage with each other. The news of DPReview’s closure garnered thousands of comments and sparked conversations on social media.

However, Gear Patrol stepped in and saved the day by finalizing a deal to purchase DPReview in June 2023. Eric Yang, the founder and CEO of Gear Patrol, was motivated by a combination of business reasons and a personal attachment to DPReview. He recognized the importance of DPReview’s extensive knowledge base and the strong community it had built over the years. Gear Patrol, with its mission to empower people and provide them with the knowledge they need, saw DPReview as a natural fit.

The acquisition of DPReview by Gear Patrol ensures that the valuable photography knowledge and community fostered by DPReview will continue to thrive under new ownership.

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