Global Edtech Consulting Company Code Breaker Inc. Pivots Into Publishing with 40 New Books

Toronto, Canada, January 23, 2023 –(– Code Breaker Inc. began in 2010 as a consulting business owned and operated by Brian Aspinall. A pivot in 2019 into publishing saw the company grow exponentially overnight in the education space.

Following the release of his books Code Breaker and Block Breaker, Aspinall began to see the need for children’s books in the edtech space – a venture that many independent publishers weren’t willing to explore. Many felt that the associated costs and time to bring children’s books to life were not worth the risk. Aspinall took the risk. Think Like a Coder, was published under the Code Breaker brand in 2019.

That same year, he connected with educator and speaker, Daphne McMenemy, who would soon after publish Gracie with Aspinall and Code Breaker Inc. His fourth book, Risk Taker, was released under the brand early the following year.

Brian took on his first publishing project outside the children’s book space with Staying Grounded by Dr. Michael Hynes. After working together on Gracie and informally on Risk Taker, McMenemy took on the role of editor for the company. They released their first project just a month later. By the end of 2020, Code Breaker Inc. published 20 books between their Leadership Series and Kid Collection with Aspinall as Founder and CEO and McMenemy as Managing Director.

To date, the company has published more than 40 titles, including two children’s book series and leadership books covering a range of topics from STEM to mental health to leadership.

Code Breaker Inc. has become a consulting and publishing powerhouse in the education space. Offering professional development from an array of backgrounds, experiences, cultures and climates, and providing quality leadership, consulting, keynotes, and workshops, the company embodies its mission statement in every way.

Breaking code isn’t just about programming, it is about disrupting the status quo. It is about challenging social norms. It is about having critical conversations. It is about challenging systematic beliefs. It is about educating the whole child – mind, body, and soul. Code Breaker is a beautifully dangerous invitation to reflect on education.

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