Becomes the First Health Tech Startup to Introduce Personalized Healthcare in Pakistan

Karachi, Pakistan, January 16, 2023 –(– Human Health Care Services announced they are providing primary health care services for Karachi-based parents of overseas Pakistanis at their doorstep.

In the Human Health Care model, a team of highly professional and skilled doctors from Pakistan, Canada, USA and UK collaboratively work with a team of nurses and care coordinators to develop primary personalized care plan tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of elderly patients. The Personalized Care Plan provides the most effective and appropriate care for the elderly parents, taking into consideration their medical history, current condition, and treatment preferences.

The benefit of Personalized healthcare compared to the routine traditional medical care provided in clinics and hospitals across Pakistan is that medical therapies, lifestyle changes and other interventions are all tailored to the individual’s unique needs and circumstances. This requires spending more time with patients and a unique set of expertise which is bringing to the Pakistani healthcare in 2023.

The idea of came about a few years ago. One day, Dr. Atif Zafar, the co-founder of the startup, returned to his condo from 36-hour in-hospital shift as part of his US residency training. He was sleep deprived and tired when out of the blue, he received a grieving call from his father in Karachi, “Tumhari Ammi ko doctors ne cancer diagnose kia hai” (Your mom has been diagnosed with cancer”). Atif was overwhelmed with shock, distress, and a feeling of utter helplessness, sitting thousands of miles away from the family he loved and valued so much, especially at a time when they needed him the most.

Wracked with guilt, Atif made the reluctant decision to abandon his training in the US to attend to his mother. Just before he left, he got in touch with a few of his physician friends who were in Karachi at the time. They reassured Atif that he need not leave the US; they would proceed with the arduous task of arranging all the necessary appointments and tests for a second opinion with an oncologist in his stead. To Atif’s relief, his friends came through. Upon evaluation and review of previous scans, it turned out that his mother’s uterine mass was a benign growth that had been present on previous scans as well. Relieved and grateful beyond words, Atif had resolved at that time to help others who were in a similar situation. So that others would never have to feel that sense of helplessness in arranging appropriate medical care for their loved ones when they cannot be physically present with them.

Dr. Zafar adds, “As overseas Pakistanis, being away from our country and from our families and friends is not fun. We feel miserable, if a loved one gets sick and we can’t do anything about it due to being far away.”

He elaborates further, “We are hoping elderly parents in Karachi can experience the latest technology, humanistic personalized service, plus American & British medical expertise without going out of their homes.”

When Dr. Zafar shared his startup idea with his other physician colleagues, he realized how prevalent this issue was impacting the lives of overseas Pakistanis. One of them was Dr. Shoib Ghayas, a Dow graduate from Karachi practicing in the UK. He is now the Chief Medical Officer of the startup.

Dr. Shoib Ghayas shares his story, “The COVID-19 Pandemic hit me while I was working as a Family Physician in England. It was shocking news for me when I came to know my father had severe COVID-19 infection during peak of pandemic. I travelled back to Pakistan at risk of losing my job, leaving behind my wife and daughter in the UK to spend a couple of months in Karachi focusing on my father’s health. Alhamdulillah, he recovered, but it was a challenging time for our family and my professional life. Although I was fortunate enough to do so, I have heard many stories of expats struggling to travel back home due to work, visa, or household commitments.”

“We have launched as we acknowledge how overseas Pakistanis are balancing their careers, family life abroad, along with ensuring that parents are well cared back in Pakistan. Our team is working on a model to provide the best care our parents need,” shared Dr. Shoib Ghayas, who feels this work is very close to his heart.

“We actively listen to our subscriber’s story and play close attention to verbal and non-verbal cues so that our subscriber message is being understood. Our staff members are highly skilled and have clear understanding of our subscriber concerns, needs, and preferences. We build a relationship of trust and respect between the practitioners and the subscribers to achieve better communication, better outcomes and higher levels of patient satisfaction,” shared Dr. Shoib Ghayas, who is also a co-founder of the startup.

One of the ways is able to provide personalized healthcare to its subscribers is through well-designed and organized technology framework. With a secure electronic medical record integrated with electronic hi-tech gadgets (such as blood pressure, ECG machine, otoscope, dermatoscope and electronic stethoscope, among other tools) the care teams are accurately diagnosing and making appropriate treatment plan. Moreover, provides access to up-to-date medical records in real time, which improves the accuracy and efficacy of their subscribers.

Clients/Subscriber’s testimonials:

“Team of highly qualified personnel who will take control of monitoring and bettering your parents’ health. They do all the tests, consult with the best American doctors, and recommend next steps. Highly recommend Human Healthcare to all.” – A subscriber based in Saudi Arabia whose parents are in Karachi.

“I was having difficulty with getting my mom to get her tests done regularly and take her medicines on time, but Human Healthcare fixed that. They sent over a lovely team who seemed to genuinely care for her. They talk to her regularly and provide the best service at home,” said one of the early’s subscriber who lives in the US, and her parents are in Karachi.

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