In the Heart of Portland, Oregon, a Mission for Portland Dogs to Eat Local Unfolds

Portland, OR, September 27, 2023 –(–—press-release-

Nestled amidst the vibrant cityscape of Portland, Oregon, a culinary transformation is underway, and it’s not for humans but for our cherished canine companions. Meet Fetch, a company that has boldly declared its mission to reshape the dog food industry, ushering in an era of fresh, wholesome, and nutritious meals aimed at enhancing the lives of every pup in the neighborhood.

Fetch is not content with the status quo; it is on a mission to redefine the essence of dog nutrition. While the market has long been dominated by processed offerings and massive marketing budgets, Fetch stands apart by crafting meals from top-tier, locally sourced ingredients. What sets Fetch apart is its commitment to providing canine companions with human-grade food designed to tantalize their taste buds and improve their overall well-being.

Paul Mardesich, the founder of Fetch, articulated the company’s mission, saying, “We’ve embarked on a mission to localize dog food and build a community of pets that have access to top-notch nutrition. Our four-legged companions aren’t merely pets; they are cherished members of our families. This is why we are resolute in delivering fresh, natural meals that truly nurture their health.”

Fetch’s flagship products, carefully crafted by local veterinarians and a renowned Veterinarian Nutritionist, offer a delectable spin on the classic meatloaf. Each meal is meticulously prepared in small batches, prioritizing maximum freshness and nutrition density. Beyond the bowl, Fetch extends its commitment to sustainability to its packaging, which is both eco-friendly and engineered to minimize its carbon pawprint on our planet. With Fetch, advocates of fresh dog food now have a compelling reason to embrace locally sourced delights for their furry friends, bidding adieu to national brands.

But Fetch’s mission goes beyond premium products; it’s about fostering a sense of community. The company is deeply dedicated to supporting local animal shelters and organizations, including the Oregon Humane Society, championing a cause that transcends the boundaries of a dog bowl.

For the latest updates on Fetch and its groundbreaking mission to provide fresh, nutritious canine cuisine, please visit or get in touch with Scott Waggener, Director of Operations, using the contact details below.

About Fetch:
Fetch is a Portland-based company with a clear-cut mission to redefine dog nutrition. It achieves this by offering fresh, locally sourced, and nutritionally balanced meals for dogs. With unwavering commitments to quality, sustainability, and community, Fetch aspires to make a positive impact on dogs’ lives and the world they inhabit.

Media Contact:
Scott Waggener
Director of Operations
Phone: 971-998-7204

Fetch – Fresh Dog Food, Redefining Canine Nutrition in Portland, Oregon and Beyond

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