Lack of Investment Pledges Hampers Shark Tank India

According to a recent analysis by market intelligence firm PrivateCircle, less than half of the investment pledges made by the investors on the Indian edition of Shark Tank were fulfilled. Out of the 65 shown on the TV show, only 27 received investments, totaling $2 million out of the committed $4.87 million. The analysis excluded debt investments. The second season of Shark Tank India, which ended in March, only saw one disclosed investment out of the 115 promised deals. However, it is important to note that some investments might still be in the due diligence process or technical glitches could explain the lack of disclosure. Sony Network India, the broadcaster of Shark Tank in India, declined to comment on the matter. Some startups have voiced their criticisms of the show, claiming that investors ghosted them after making promises on-air. However, investors on the show have defended it, stating that a significant percentage of the deals presented were successfully executed and that it can take months for deals to materialize. PrivateCircle’s analysis also supported the claim that some startups declined Shark Tank deals in favor of raising funds at higher valuations from other investors.

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