MET’s IIW-India Students Chapter, Nashik Inaugurated by Shreekant Patil, Founder at PARENTNashik

Nashik, India, October 13, 2023 –(– The MET’s IIW-India Students Chapter at Nashik received a momentous start on September 26, 2023. Graced by the esteemed presence of Chief Guest CE Shreekant Patil, founder at PARENTNashik ( Paramount Enterprises), mentor at Startup India and Chairman of NIMA Startup Hub, the chapter was inaugurated with great enthusiasm at the prestigious MET Bhujbal Knowledge City (METBKC IoT) in Nashik, Maharashtra.

While CE Shreekant Patil played a pivotal role in officially inaugurating the chapter, it is important to acknowledge the key individuals who hosted this remarkable event. Dr. Vijay Wani, Principal of METBKC IoT; Dr. Milind Ray, Convenor of the IIW-India Students Chapter; Dr. Dheeraj Deshmukh, President of the college chapter; and Dr. Sachin Kakade, Coordinator, diligently organized and ensured the success of this auspicious occasion.

The special guest of honor, Mr. N. Kanagasabai, Chairman of the IIW-India Mumbai Branch, Mr. Abhishekh Vyas, and Mr. Vishal Mehta also added significant value to the event through their presence. Together, these esteemed individuals provided invaluable guidance and support to aspiring students and budding entrepreneurs in the welding industry.

Following the inauguration, CE Shreekant Patil shared his profound knowledge and experience in the welding industry with the attending students. He emphasized the significance of innovation and entrepreneurship in creating opportunities in the welding sector. CE Shreekant Patil’s engaging delivery captivated the audience, inspiring them to explore innovative ideas and pursue startup ventures.

Moreover, during his address, CE Shreekant Patil highlighted the various initiatives and government schemes available, particularly those provided through Startup India. These funding schemes play a crucial role in nurturing and supporting startups across the country.

This event created an ideal platform for networking and knowledge sharing amongst aspiring entrepreneurs, academicians, and industry experts. The students and attendees expressed eagerness to incorporate innovative ideas into the welding sector, thereby contributing to its growth and development.

The MET’s IIW-India Students Chapter extends its heartfelt gratitude to CE Shreekant Patil for gracing the occasion as the chief guest and inaugurating the chapter. His presence elevated the event, leaving a lasting impact on all those present. The chapter also expresses its appreciation to Mr. N. Kanagasabai for his valuable presence as the special guest of honor.

For more information about the MET’s IIW-India Students Chapter or upcoming events, please contact Dr. Sachin Kakade, Coordinator, MET’s IIW-India Students Chapter, Nashik.

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