Neurobit Launches Neurobit HUB: A Comprehensive Tool for Streamlining Sleep and Population Health Research

New York, NY, August 14, 2023 –(– Neurobit, a global leader in artificial intelligence-driven sleep health analytics, announced the launch of Neurobit HUB, a comprehensive web-based tool designed to revolutionize the clinical trial process in sleep and population health research. Developed from Neurobit’s extensive experience in conducting clinical trials and understanding the associated challenges, this platform is intended to optimize sleep studies, accelerate scientific breakthroughs, and make the entire clinical trial process more efficient.

Leveraging Neurobit’s vast expertise in sleep analytics, Neurobit HUB integrates an advanced analytical capability that can derive 40 specific sleep biomarkers from physiological data. This unique feature is strategically aligned with the needs of clinical researchers, academics, and technicians, and opens new pathways for novel biomarkers and drug discovery among others. Through the fusion of over 20 health AI modules and clinically validated home-based devices, Neurobit HUB not only enhances the efficiency of the entire clinical trial process but also adds a novel dimension to sleep and population health research.

“The power of data in accelerating breakthroughs in sleep science cannot be overstated,” says Dr. Amiya Patanaik, Co-founder of Neurobit. “With Neurobit HUB, we are going beyond traditional data management by offering a tool specifically tailored to streamline the entire clinical trial process. This solution was born out of our own experiences with the trials and the recognized need to innovate in this critical area.”

Neurobit HUB introduces a paradigm shift in sleep and population health research, integrating comprehensive functionalities to enable:

Seamless Clinical Trial Integration: Neurobit HUB offers end-to-end support for the clinical trial process, consolidating and harmonizing data for holistic analysis, making trial management more transparent and effective.

Powerful and Advanced Analytics: The tool’s advanced statistical analysis and visualization capabilities are aligned with Neurobit’s pioneering work, which includes leveraging 40 biomarkers, offering researchers unparalleled insights.

Customizable Study Design:With Neurobit HUB, researchers can tailor research protocols with customizable study parameters and workflows, enhancing efficiency and flexibility in clinical trials.

Collaborative Research:The platform supports secure data sharing and collaboration to foster a cooperative research environment.

Regulatory Compliance:Neurobit HUB’s design ensures strict adherence to privacy regulations and data security standards, making it a reliable and trustworthy tool for research institutions engaging in clinical trials.

“Neurobit HUB is not just a data management tool; it’s a robust solution designed to drive discoveries in sleep and population health research, with a distinct focus on streamlining and innovating the clinical trial process,” says Kishan, Co-founder of Neurobit. “Our unique understanding of the challenges in clinical trials led to the creation of this tool, and we believe it will be instrumental in accelerating progress in the field.”

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About Neurobit
Neurobit is a leading innovator in health analytics, transforming the understanding of sleep as a biomarker to help deliver predictive precision medicine. Their AI-driven solutions offer groundbreaking insights into sleep health and its relation to overall wellbeing. Co-founded by Amiya Patanaik and Kishan, Neurobit’s mission is to revolutionize sleep health and analysis with a range of products for healthcare institutions. With a global footprint, Neurobit operates under the name Neurobit Health from its headquarters in New York, USA, while maintaining presences in Bangalore, India as Neurobit Innovations, and in Singapore as Neurobit Technologies.
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