New Social Network Pitchel to Connect Startups and Investors

New York, NY, September 01, 2023 –(– In October, a new social network will be released that will allow startup owners to present their idea to an external audience and investors. According to CBInsights statistics, only 1% of startups become unicorns like Uber, Airbnb, Slack, Stripe. The reasons for such a small percentage can be different: from an unclear strategy to insufficient funding for further development.

Therefore, Pitchel’s main goal is to connect investors with startups and become a source of inspiration for users looking for new ideas and interested in trends in the startup market.

More about Pitchel
The Pitchel social network will operate in the format of a mobile application with a user-friendly interface. The main idea of the social network is to display short and interesting presentations of startups in video format in the feed of users, including startup owners, investors, and inspiration seekers.

This format of short video speeches will help startup owners explain their idea as briefly and accurately as possible, and investors will be able to view ideas in a convenient format without wasting time.

How Pitchel works
The Pitchel mobile app will work in a simple and straightforward way for users.

The first step is to download and install the app from the App Store or Google Play.

The second step is registration, which requires only an email and can be done with a Google or AppleID account.

The third step is filling out a profile and using the application.

When registering a startup, the owner needs to upload a video pitch, as well as fill in basic information about the business: goals, problems it solves, competitive advantages, etc. That is, to provide all the necessary information to the investor at the stage of familiarization with the startup.

No additional profile filling is required when registering investors or users. Only registration and further video viewing is required.

Investors can also customize the video feed by selecting startup countries and business categories. In this case, the investor will be shown only those video presentations that meet the specified criteria.

The fourth step is using the social network. Users can like video presentations they like and communicate with each other. In addition, videos that the user has liked are saved in the history, which allows you to view the presentation again and not lose them in the feed.

Key features of the Pitchel social network
Personalized experience. Investors and users who have joined Pitchel can set up feed filters based on their interests, such as startup categories or country, and see only those ideas that they may potentially be interested in.

Global access. With Pitchel, users have access to investment opportunities without geographic restrictions. Interesting projects in various sectors become available to everyone, in every corner of the world.

Support for startups. Pitchel provides a platform for startups to present their ideas to a wide audience of potential investors and receive feedback from an external audience.

User-friendliness. The Pitchel interface is designed to provide maximum convenience and speed of access to the necessary information. This includes quick registration, as well as easy profile filling and communication.

The ability to leave information about yourself before the official launch of Pitchel.

Pitchel now gives startup owners the opportunity to fill out a pre-launch form with information about their startup and get a guaranteed first placement as soon as the social network is launched. In addition, additional information about the project will be published on Pitchel’s social networks: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

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