PharmStars Announces “Innovations in Women’s Health and Health Equity” Theme for Spring 2023 Accelerator

Boston, MA, December 05, 2022 –(– PharmStars, the pharma-focused accelerator for digital health startups, is pleased to announce it is now accepting applications for its Spring 2023 cohort with the theme, “Digital Innovations in Women’s Health and Health Equity.”

Pharma’s increasing attention to women’s health issues and health equity has created a growing opportunity for digital health startups. For the Spring 2023 cohort, PharmStars will select startups with digital innovations that promote more equitable and inclusive healthcare for underserved population or focus on women’s health conditions (e.g., breast, ovarian, and cervical cancer; endometriosis and gynecological conditions; osteoporosis and osteopenia; and menopausal, hormonal, and reproductive-health conditions).

PharmStars focuses on bridging the “pharma-startup gap” by helping pharmaceutical firms and startups overcome cultural and other barriers to create productive partnerships, leading to greater success and faster adoption of digital solutions that improve patient outcomes. PharmStars’ unique PharmaU program provides education and intensive, personalized mentoring to help startups work more effectively with pharma.

PharmStars’ pharma members helped select the theme for the cohort and participating members will have priority access to the startups. The culmination of the accelerator program will be the Spring Showcase Event in Boston, at which each startup will present to and meet one-on-one with PharmStars’ 2023 pharma members.

“We’ve worked with our members to select this cohort’s focus on women’s health and health equity,” says Naomi Fried, PharmStars founder and CEO. “Our pharma members are eager and well-positioned to work with digital health startups to drive positive change and improve the lives of women and other under-served populations globally. By enhancing and scaling interventions, digital health innovations can help women everywhere attain their full health potential and access high-quality care.”

The Spring 2023 program will be PharmStars’ fourth cohort.

“PharmStars has a track record of successfully helping startups refine their message and effectively connect with pharma,” says Fried. “Our startups and pharma members have been quite pleased with their initial one-on-one meetings held at our previous Showcase Events. We anticipate some exciting partnerships to emerge from these connections.”

Applications for the Spring 2023 accelerator program and additional details are now available on the PharmStars website. PharmStars is also currently accepting a limited number of additional pharma and biotech members for 2023. Membership information can be found at

About PharmStars
PharmStars is the member-based, pharma-focused accelerator for digital health startups. Through our extensive expertise across pharma, startups, digital health, and innovation, we understand the challenges that pharma and startups face when seeking to collaborate. Our PharmaU program supports digital health startups and our pharma members in “bridging the gap,” leading to greater success and faster adoption of “beyond the molecule” solutions for patients.

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