PMG Assists Technology Client Avfoil/Combined Aviation to Seek Investment Funds & Strategic Alliance Partners

Boston, MA, October 14, 2022 –(– Ed Hennessy, PMG’s CEO, announced today that his firm is collaborating with Avfoil/Combined Aviation, an innovative company, well-schooled within the Helicopter MRO/Leasing/Sales business to launch a target program which introduces and familiarizes Investment sources to Avfoil/Combined Aviation’s breakthrough capabilities. This is intended to support this round of needed funding. As a by-product, PMG will also introduce and align the company with organizations that can represent leveraged relationships or Strategic Alliance Partners.

Avfoil/Combined Aviation is a New Zealand-based, expert in its field representing decades of proven experience. As a by-product, the company has identified a $300 Million opportunity base that is well-suited for its disruptive and breakthrough AI/Deep Learning technology, advanced processes, workflow innovations and progressive training systems that are not available from any other source. It is Avfoil/Combined Aviation’s perspective that the Transport Industry is lagging behind in these areas.

Sacha Wetzel, CEO of Avfoil/Combined Aviation indicates, “Avfoil/Combined Aviation will modernize the Transport Industry and create a new paradigm for doing business based on its disruptive technologies/processes.”

The current target segment that Avfoil/Combined Aviation will focus on is currently “Leaderless” and the company has done extensive research to validate its premises and determine that Industry acceptance/adoption and timing are ripe. Further, there are early-stage indications of certain factions working on “digitizing” the Transport Industry, although most are attempting at simply extending and building upon conventional approaches. This will not drive the needed change required to fuel the future Transport Industry and its ever-demanding, competitive nature.

The company is headed-up by Industry heavyweights that grew-up in the Transport Industry, found their way and in spite of the pressures of coping with large, Industry players – built a successful and sustainable business. This experience and what has been learned along the way are the hallmarks and pillars that support today’s Avfoil/Combined Aviation.

The company’s game plan is supported by a smart building-block approach, with a well-defined plan matching investment level (tiers) with company growth and demonstrated results.

Sacha Wetzel also provided a glimpse of what the future will hold, “Avfoil/Combined Aviation will play a critical role in the AAM emerging market supporting eVTOL platforms, which are outlined in the Business Plan & Strategy. Target areas will include: air taxis, air ambulance, emergency response and tourism support.”

Ed Hennessy, CEO for PMG said, “Avfoil/Combined Aviation maps-onto our Industry focus – and given the breadth of Investment sources and Industry players that we have intimate relationships with, we are confident that PMG can make a difference and help Avfoil/Combined Aviation’s cause.”

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