Reddit’s API Pricing Protest Causes Thousands of Subreddits to Go Dark

In response to Reddit’s new API pricing, which will result in the shutdown of many third-party apps, over 8,000 subreddits have gone dark or in read-only mode. The organized blackout, which will last for 48 hours, involves tens of thousands of moderators and millions of Reddit users. Subscribers cannot post or comment on new content, and non-subscribers cannot view existing content on participating subreddits. Users are encouraged to boycott the official Reddit app and switch to non-Reddit platforms to protest against the changes. Currently, 28,606 moderators and 8,300 subreddits have pledged support. The new pricing model for API access based on data usage will be prohibitively expensive for many third-party apps, and the cost is unsustainable for many developers running widely used apps such as Apollo, Reddit is Fun, and Sync. Some subreddits have pledged to permanently shut down unless Reddit addresses its users’ concerns adequately. The cost of API access has been free until now, and the changes made will have disastrous effects on the moderators’ ability to sustainably moderate subreddits. The changes will allow spam, karma farming, link-dumping, and other types of behavior that ruin subreddits. There will also be restrictions on NSFW content. Despite these concerns, Reddit is not planning any further API updates and argues that developers should be responsible for app efficiency. Existing non-commercial moderation tools such as Toolbox, Context Mod, Remind Me, and anti-spam detection bots will still have free access to Reddit API. The company will also make exceptions for certain accessibility apps. In conclusion, the two-day blackout is not the end but a tool for further action until Reddit appropriately addresses its users’ concerns.

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