Securisyn Medical, LLC Announces U.S. Military Health System Distribution Agreement with Panakeia, LLC

Littletonm, CO, March 16, 2023 –(– Securisyn Medical, LLC (“Securisyn Medical” or the “Company”), an early commercial-stage medical technology company and the developer of the patented SolidAIRity Flex® Oral Endotracheal Tube Stabilizer System, today announced the signing of a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) Government Reseller Agreement (Agreement or Contract) with Panakeia, LLC of Naples, FL to distribute adult SolidAIRity® Oral Endotracheal Tube (ETT) Stabilization medical devices to ensure its availability to the U.S. Military Health System and Federal Government Agencies, Department of Defense and the military of those signatory countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and South East Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO), militaries from countries that have alliances with the U.S. Military, worldwide Department of Defense Military Health System (MSH), Department of Homeland Security, Department of Justice, and Health and Human Services (HHS). The new Contract allows Securisyn Medical and Panakeia to partner to bring novel ventilated patient safety solutions to our military and specified federal government customers.

SolidAIRity Flex® Benefits for DOD and Associated Government Agencies
SolidAIRity Flex® ETT Stabilization medical device with patented Interlock® technology is FDA registered and the world’s first ETT securement device designed to provide unmatched airway stability for ventilated patients to reduce unplanned extubations, medical device related pressure injuries, ventilator-associated pneumonia, and preventable hospital costs. Securisyn Medical is focusing on commercializing its SolidAIRity® medical device line and is launching into the civilian and VHA market through a robust commercialization agreement with SunMed, LLC, a leading global manufacturer and distributor of respiratory and anesthesia products. This newly signed Agreement with Panakiea is designed to improve ventilated patient safety and outcomes for both our military and government partners.

The Agreement
The Agreement with Panakeia focuses on developing commercialization initiatives to improve the care and outcomes of our military and other government-related ventilated patients by improving stabilization and skin integrity while improving outcomes and reducing preventable complications and costs of inadequate ETT securement. Additionally, this Agreement allows Panakeia to provide its expertise in the procurement process of medical supplies to enhance access to the federal medical marketplace and the distribution of SolidAIRity Flex®. Mark Bruning, Securisyn Medical’s President & CEO stated “Partnering with Panakeia is an important step in Securisyn’s growth and expansion into the DOD and federal space. Together we are committed to bring better ventilated patents outcomes to DOD members and their families by providing improved access to our novel patient safety solutions.” Greg Letendre, Securisyn Medical’s VP of the Federal Sector, added, “This is an exciting step in the evolution of our device that received significant funding and support through the Air Force Small Business Innovation Research program. Our partnership with Panakeia will bring significant support to our Warfighters and their families through better ETT securement and outcomes during ventilation.” Pam Jackson, Panakeia’s COO, also noted, “Panakeia’s mission is focused on providing life-saving products for battlefield medicine. Our innovative product portfolio includes portable oxygen systems, respiratory and intubation devices, and hemorrhage control products. We partner with innovators with disruptive technologies to bring their products to life with our US Military and NATO partners. The product and technology being developed by Securisyn fits perfectly in our portfolio and is truly innovative. They fill a significant need in the prevention of unplanned extubation (the unintended removal of a patient’s life sustaining breathing tube) of airway tubes for patients who need to have a breathing tube in place.”

About Securisyn Medical, LLC.
Securisyn Medical ( headquartered in Littleton, Colorado, is a physician-founded, medical technology and solutions company dedicated to enhancing ventilated patient safety and broader smooth tube and catheter securement. Securisyn Medical’s goal is to prevent unplanned extubation (“UE”) and its associated complications, providing peace of mind for patients, their families, and practitioners, and decreasing healthcare costs through ethical, profitable, and sustainable business practices. The Company is focused on collaborating with stakeholders around the world to eliminate preventable deaths related to airway management and catheter migration and has selected the life-threatening conditions of UE as the initial clinical application of its technology for its patented SolidAIRity® family of airway securement devices.

About Panakeia, LLC
Panakeia, LLC ( is headquartered in Naples, Florida, founded in 2011 by a retired a U.S. Army Medical Service Corps officer with 23 years of experience in military medicine and a former Senior Director of Military Products with 30 years of experience designing critical care medical devices. The company was established following an extensive product development effort with the U.S. Army of an advanced oxygen generation system in which both Panakeia principles were involved from the technology’s inception in 2000. Since establishing a market presence in the battlefield oxygen market, Panakeia expanded to offer other products to include advanced airway devices, hemostatic dressings, advanced ultrasound systems and other products related to treating and managing complications of emergency medicine on the battlefield and within the fixed hospital setting. Panakeia, LLC is a verified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) focused on the marketing and distribution of advanced medical technologies. They have partnered with leading manufacturers of medical supplies and devices for use by the U.S. military and other government agencies around the world. The Panakeia team possess the experience necessary to meet the objectives in supporting the SolidAIRity Flex technology.

Contacts: Securisyn Medical
Greg Letendre
+1 703.638.8353

Pam Jackson
+1 202.656.8848

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