Self-Driving Truck Tests in China Evaluate the Elimination of Human Drivers by TuSimple

Autonomous trucking company TuSimple recently completed a fully autonomous semi-truck run on public roads in China, a first for the country. The run took place on approved roads in Shanghai and covered a 40-mile stretch with various traffic and weather conditions.

This isn’t the first time TuSimple has achieved fully autonomous operations. They previously completed a similar run in the United States, but have not attempted to recreate the test since then. The company has not provided details on the success rate or any issues faced during the recent China run.

The decision to focus on China further indicates TuSimple’s commitment to the Asian market. The company had considered selling its China unit due to scrutiny from US regulators but ultimately decided to keep it after internal reshuffling. TuSimple has also been undergoing layoffs, mainly affecting its US-based staff.

In addition to China, TuSimple has started testing its self-driving truck technology in Japan. However, the company is currently facing the risk of delisting from the Nasdaq for failing to file quarterly results on time.

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