Stowable, the Business Seeking to Introduce a New Era in Storage, Prioritising Simplicity, Customer Service, and Environmental Responsibility

London, United Kingdom, November 18, 2023 –(– January 2024 marks the official launch of Stowable (, a new valet by-the-box storage service. The brainchild of James and Jen Mugleston, husband-and-wife team, Stowable is dedicated to simplifying storage for individuals and businesses throughout the UK. Committed to flexibility, superior customer service, and environmental responsibility, the company introduces a new approach to storage solutions.

At the heart of Stowable is its dashboard, a powerful tool connecting individual storage boxes to customers’ accounts through a Unique Box Identifier QR code (UID). These UIDs are also utilised in the warehouse to enable staff to pinpoint an individual box location.

Jen, co-founder of Stowable, elaborates, “Our intention was to operate as if we were an extension of our customer’s homes and businesses. We ship and collect everything. It’s all controlled by the Customer in their dashboard where they can name and list the contents of each box, track box status, schedule collections, and then arrange returns on a box-by-box basis, maximising control and convenience. We are storage on your doorstep.”

Beyond being a storage service, Stowable has strategically partnered with eco-conscious companies to amplify its commitment to sustainability. Notable collaborations include:

· Hiyield Web Developers, who through Ecologi offset the 2.79 tonnes of carbon emissions generated during Stowable’s development
· Kite Packaging, a carbon-neutral supplier of eco-friendly packaging materials
· Jungheinrich, recognised as one of the top 1% of sustainable companies globally, provides warehouse equipment
· Starling Bank, committed to net zero, supports Stowable’s financial practices.

Jen emphasises the company’s dedication to carbon neutrality: “We are actively working towards this by monitoring and building data for a comprehensive net-zero plan.” This commitment involves optimising space usage and minimising energy consumption through efficient design, a departure from traditional self-storage models that often rely on large land areas and extensive energy usage.

James explains, “Without customer access to storage areas, we can maximise space efficiency and reduce energy wastage from lighting and heating.” Stowables’ custom-designed boxes further contribute to environmental preservation, as James notes, “By utilising specific fold lines, cuts, board grades, and box liners, we’ve been able to produce not only robust boxes but also ship them in smaller packages, reducing environmental impact during transport.”

Stowable’s focus on flexibility distinguishes it from traditional providers, offering on-demand and customised storage solutions without mandating fixed spaces or contractual periods. However, customers do have the option to choose longer periods of commitment, which will result in reduced rates.

James highlights the cost-effectiveness of this approach, addressing a market need identified in a recent UK Self Storage Industry Report that found 36% of people perceived self-storage as too expensive. “A key advantage to our model is we can offer the same rate across the country. For example, London residents typically have to pay 33% more for storage space, that’s not an issue for us.”

While there are limitations James acknowledges, “Some items are too big or bulky to offer storage for, simply due to transport costs.” Stowable accommodates the majority of storage needs, providing a versatile and cost-effective solution for individuals and businesses alike.

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