Veed Network Unveils License Badging Feature to Battle Illicit Trade in Cannabis

San Francisco, CA, November 03, 2022 –(– Veed Network, the first-of-a-kind cannabis social commerce platform continues to spearhead its mission to create a safe and trusted community for all things cannabis by unveiling its badging system called, Veed Badge, which provides verification of a valid license status for all the cannabis business partners on Veed Network. The Veed Badge, powered by Canoja Technologies’ CanojaVerify, will appear on each business profile page and contains additional information, such as license type and expiration date.

In today’s landscape of a thriving illicit cannabis market, consumers face substantial health risks when they are consuming cannabis purchased from unlicensed operators. Legal cannabis businesses must meet strict requirements before putting their products on the shelves and must follow the regulations when it comes to product safety, quality, packaging, and labelling. By purchasing products that have not gone through the strict testing requirements, consumers may be exposed to potential harmful pesticides, heavy metals, microbes, fungi, mold, or even added additives contained in the products they consume.

Veed chose Canoja Technologies, a cannabis licensing data verification and automation company as a partner for its badging system, whose CanojaVerify solution automatically verifies the legitimacy and license status on a daily basis. “A key part of Veed’s mission is to provide a safe and trusted place for the cannabis community to learn, engage with their network, with brands and organizations, and to shop through our platform,” said Barry Perkins, CEO of Veed, Inc. Adding Veed Badges on each business partner profile page provides consumers and members within Veed’s community a greater peace of mind when they interact with brands and shop on Veed Network.

“The partnership with Canoja Technologies is a natural fit as both of our companies are committed to elevating the cannabis industry by providing consumers with the verification that the brands on our platform hold active licenses,” added Barry.

“Veed requires absolute compliance of all their clients to ensure that they are licensed business connections and they operate within the framework of SEC guidance and existing state laws. It’s really that due diligence during their user onboarding process that makes Veed an ideal partner for CanojaVerify,” Rich Campbell, CEO of Canoja Technologies added.

The value of adding the Veed Badge on Veed Network is not only beneficial to the consumers but also to Veed’s business partners. Marvin Wilcher, CEO of CampNova, cannabis online marketplace and delivery platform known for celebrity brands, stated, “At CampNova, we work with many high-caliber celebrity brands who have entrusted us to protect their brand value. Adding Veed Badges on the Veed Network gives our celebrity clients even more confidence that we always strive to protect their personal brands by working with trusted partners who value consumer safety and trust.”

About Veed, Inc.

Veed, Inc. leverages technology to create a social commerce platform that connects consumers and businesses. The innovative integration of a social platform and a marketplace allows consumers to have a social shopping experience, connecting and engaging with brands while giving them the ability to purchase their favorite products directly on the platform. Veed’s platform is designed to create communities in various industry verticals.

About Veed Network

Veed Network is the first community launched by Veed, Inc. Veed Network is the first-of-a-kind social commerce platform geared towards cannabis whose aim is to create a safe and trusted community. Veed Network creates new opportunities for verified licensed cannabis businesses, marketers, ecommerce leaders and social media teams to reach and engage their customers, promote, and sell their products on Veed Network and drive incremental revenue.

About Canoja Technologies

At Canoja Technologies, we have developed solutions for license verification, processing, and data analysis with the largest and most up-to-date cannabis license data lake in the US. Our flagship solution, CanojaVerify, is an automated, cloud-based solution for license verification of cannabis operators. CanojaVerify’s API gateway optimizes the validation process for speed and accuracy, allowing for near real-time verification. Our government solution, CanojaFlow, is a customizable license adjudication workflow solution that optimizes the cannabis license intake process through robust back-office functionality such as license renewal processing, applicant scoring, and ranking. By creating standardized and automated solutions for both sides of the cannabis space, Canoja Technologies is poised to become a critical part of the compliance infrastructure in one of the world’s fastest growing markets.

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