15 investors discuss their investment pace during the first half of 2023

In our ongoing coverage of VC performance in the first half of 2023, TechCrunch+ conducted a survey of 15 investors to gather insights on their investment cadence and plans for the second half of the year. The results showed a mix of investors meeting their investment goals and others falling short. However, there is a growing sense that a slower investment pace is becoming the new norm. Rajeev Dham from Sapphire Ventures and Mark Grace from M13 both acknowledged that the rapid investment pace seen during the pandemic years has subsided, leading to an adjustment period for some investors. Those who are operating at a slower cadence are taking a more cautious approach. Gen Tsuchikawa, CEO of Sony Ventures, stated that they have always been selective in their investments and will maintain flexibility in their investment cadence for now. Dham also emphasized the importance of prudence in the coming period and highlighted the potential decrease in capital availability due to active investors retreating, which could lead to more stable pricing. On the other hand, Grace remains optimistic and believes that dealmaking cadence will continue to rebound, emphasizing the need for optimism in the industry. Logan Allin, managing partner and founder of Fin Capital, shared that his firm was the most active fintech investor globally in Q1, thanks to their focus on early-stage startups founded by repeat founders. He explained that this accelerated rate of new company formation is due to management teams handing over the reins to professional management to take the company public or exit via M&A or buyout, as well as seasoned entrepreneurs with underwater options choosing to move on. The article includes additional insights and perspectives from various investors on their investment cadence and plans for the future.

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