FF Biotherapeutics Announces Search for Angel Investment to Revolutionize Immunotherapy and Vaccine Development

Woburn, MA, November 29, 2023 –(PR.com)– FF Biotherapeutics, a pioneering biotech startup at the forefront of immunotherapy and vaccine development, today announced its active pursuit of Angel investment. This critical funding round aims to propel the development of its groundbreaking Synthetic Standardized Convalescent Plasma (SSCP) and Multi-Peptide Vaccines (MMPVs).

“Our innovative approach in biotechnology is set to transform the treatment of infectious diseases and cancer,” said Dr. Scott N. Freeman, CEO of FF Biotherapeutics. “Securing Angel investment is crucial for us to advance these technologies from research to real-world application.”

SSCP technology represents a novel approach in antibody therapy, offering a standardized, scalable treatment option for various infectious diseases and malignancies. The MMPV platform, targeting multiple viral proteins, promises a new standard in vaccine efficacy and safety.

“The potential of our technologies to impact global health is immense,” Dr. Freeman added. “With the support of Angel investors, we can accelerate our path towards clinical trials and ultimately, commercialization.”

FF Biotherapeutics is seeking investors who share its vision of transforming healthcare through innovative solutions. The investment will enable the company to further its research, secure intellectual property rights, and bring its advanced therapies closer to patients in need.

For more information about this investment opportunity or to schedule an interview with Dr. Scott N. Freeman.

About FF Biotherapeutics:

FF Biotherapeutics is a biotech startup specializing in the development of advanced immunotherapy and vaccine solutions. With a focus on addressing unmet medical needs, the company combines cutting-edge research with a commitment to improving patient care.

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