Goldenberry Farms Expands Investments Into Organic Soil Health & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programs

Miami, FL, October 28, 2022 –(– Goldenberry Farms, a leading grower and exporter of Sugar Mangos™, berries, and tropical fruit, announces new investments and expansion of sustainable-farming programs, including soil health and carbon bank initiatives, under its “Where good things Grow™” sustainable-farming initiative.

The program was initially inspired by “Kiss the Ground” a Netflix documentary on soil health hosted by Woody Harrelson, which focuses on soil rehabilitation as a viable solution to averting a climate and food crisis.

In the groundbreaking show, science experts and celebrity activists unpack the ways in which the earth’s soil may be the key to combating climate change and preserving the planet.

According to the documentary, soil mismanagement is a pending societal and ecological disaster. Fortunately, it’s an issue that can be fixed if we can simply modernize age-old commercial farming practices. When dirt is transformed to soil through a regenerative agriculture process, it’s also the solution.

The documentary was selected for the 2020 Tribeca Film Festival, and now is being put into practice by some growers and commercial agriculture companies.

The core principals of regenerative agriculture include responsible management of land through reduced tilling, limits on nitrogen fertilizers, use of cover crops, and prioritization of animal and plant diversity.

There are many ways to create fresher produce with more vitamins and minerals retained without resorting to dangerous chemicals or factory-farm processes. By working with Mother Nature, and the soil and plant technology, our team is able to develop fresh produce to the end consumer faster, fresher, and at a fair price.

“The newly-expanded agronomy team at Goldenberry Farms™ (GBF) is focused on a singular philosophy for our fields – the fact that naturally healthy, ‘living’ soil makes for healthier and disease-resistant plants, which make for healthier fruit – harvested at a precise time and packing process that helps to preserve the nutrients, freshness, and longevity,” commented Juliana Lopez, Goldenberry Farms Operations Director for Colombia.

“We have added to our agronomy team microbiologists and soil scientists, leading our efforts to study and build healthy soil via composting, at the same time adding essential carbon to the earth. As a commercial grower ​and provider to top grocers​ across the world, Goldenberry Farms™ is very proud to be a leader in the soil science and carbon capture fields.”

Goldenberry Farms™ continues to test and develop regional soil health and topsoil development programs, in both active agriculture as well as “damaged” soil areas. Using microbes, and “smart compost” which is made from locally sourced ingredients to restore and develop a rich layer of topsoil. A double compost system is utilized, including a locally formed “solid” compost, complimented by an organic living liquid compost which is applied to both plants and soil.

The program is sponsored in conjunction with research and microbiology graduate students from a local university and has yielded excellent results to date. Results include overall improvements in soil health and organic matter, higher nutritional profiles in the harvested fruit, as well as measurable extensions in shelf life.

The company is now expanding these field tests in its fields near Medellin, Antioquia, to attempt to naturally increase resistance to high rainfall and humid conditions.

Goldenberry Farms™ is a leading supplier of tropical fruit to grocers across North America and Europe.

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