How Rudy Mawer is Helping A-List Celebs Impact the World with Their Knowledge, Story & Experience

Clearwater, FL, November 28, 2022 –(– As one of the world’s leading marketers and advertisers, Rudy Mawer and his marketing firm Mawer Capital have a proven track record helping tens of thousands of businesses grow online.

From stay-at-home moms, to startups, to enterprise billion dollar brands or Olympic athletes, Mr. Mawer has helped thousands of people spread their products, message and brand with the world via his skills in Facebook(TM) ads, social media and online marketing.

In Mr. Mawer’s most recent venture, he and his two partners are working closely with some of the most renowned celebrities, athletes and social icons of the modern world. He stated his goal with this is to provide “more impact.”

Mr. Mawer states, “I’ve mastered marketing over 12 years, and the ability to reach and impact millions of people. I now want to take this a step further and help some of the most influential icons of the modern world create even more impact in what they do. Whether it be sporting icons such as Boxing legends to Business Tycoons from Shark Tank(TM), Olympic Gold Medalists, Billionaires or Ex-Presidents of the USA, my goal is to be able to spread their message, their experience, and their life lessons with the world.”

Mr. Mawer believes that the internet has allowed for individuals to provide a much greater footprint on the world and he’s passionate about helping others spread their message with the world and in turn helping millions of people who take these learnings and change their own life like he did for himself.

Whether it be learning how to lose weight and get fit from an Olympic athlete to learning how to advance in a career or launch a business from his partners, such as Sharks from the TV show Shark Tank(TM), or how to reach success in life with mindset lessons from greats such as Mike Tyson, Mr. Mawer believes amplifying these messages can help impact millions of normal people who are struggling in today’s economy.

He states that his early success in life, becoming a millionaire by 26, was because he learned from those iconic figures who had done it over and over again or had reached world-class success. He believes if other people chose different forms of education (outside of just formal school and college), they would progress much faster in life.

Mr. Mawer stated, “One of the greatest aspects of life is experience. Being able to get 30 years of wisdom from a top achiever or the top 0.1% in life is something most people underestimate and something I value dearly.”

In the next few months, Mr. Mawer has multiple large projects coming out to air and is excited for the impact they will have across the world for decades to come.

You can learn more about these ventures and the business lessons from Mr. Mawer and his companies at or

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