In Celebration of Jewish American Heritage Month: Discover Tripographer, a Jewish Female-Founded Travel Startup

New York, NY, May 08, 2023 –(– In honor of Jewish American Heritage Month, Tripographer is proud to announce the launch of its revolutionary travel itinerary sharing platform, now available for free on iOS and Android devices. Founded by Jewish female entrepreneur Emily Eisenberg, Tripographer aims to democratize access to travel insights and foster a global community of explorers by streamlining the sharing of authentic, user-generated travel itineraries.

Tripographer is rooted in the belief that travel promotes self-discovery, understanding, and ultimately, a more inclusive and open-minded world. By providing a hub for collective travel knowledge, the platform simplifies trip planning and encourages users to embark on their own journeys. Users can create, share, and discover recommendations and itineraries that inspire others to explore new destinations.

During Jewish American Heritage Month, featuring Tripographer is especially significant, as the platform not only highlights a Jewish-founded business but also offers users the chance to uncover, experience, and celebrate Jewish American culture. Users have already curated lists of the best Jewish delis in LA and New York, showcased Kosher dining options worldwide, and crafted Jewish travel guides for cities like Buenos Aires, Rome, and New Orleans, spotlighting important Jewish sites, history, and restaurants.

Tripographer embodies the Jewish American entrepreneurial spirit that is celebrated throughout Jewish American Heritage Month. Join the community of explorers and download the free Tripographer app to add and plan your trips today.

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