Introducing Okfans – The Newest Platform for Content Creators

Los Angeles, CA, September 26, 2022 –(– Okfans gives content creators across a variety of industries and niches – including established YouTubers, fitness gurus, health and wellness coaches, adult artists, musicians, and models – an established income stream from their profession.

While it is not solely a platform for explicit adult content, the uncensored nature of the website will appeal particularly to adult content creators, who can monetize content in a safe space visible only to subscribing fans. A dedicated Content Removal Service adds a layer of security to protect adult artists from leaked or stolen intimate videos or images.

A New Way for Content Creators To Earn Money

Agim, CEO at Okfans says, “Content creators worldwide are essentially handing out their talent for free on social sites like TikTok and Instagram. And influencers will know making money from traditional social sharing is a long, laborious process of pitching and networking.

“OKFans offers another way. It offers instant access to revenue streams. It’s a ready-made paying audience for artists of all descriptions. Adult and otherwise.

“We’re turning social sharing on its head. Instead of paying out for ads to get your content seen, we put your content in front of people who want to pay to see it. Your content, your talents have value. Okfans will turn that value into dollars.”

How Okfans Works?

Content creators share their exclusive content, fans pay a monthly membership for the privilege of accessing content via the site. Content creators selling exclusive content keep 80% of their sales, with the platform taking a 20% commission.

Content creators can then access and withdraw the money earned on the platform by signing into their personal accounts.

About Okfans

Okfans is a subscription social platform changing how content creators can earn money from social sharing. Fans pay for content via a monthly subscription, while content creators can set up their own businesses within the site to monetize their profession.

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