Meta’s Threads launches, OpenAI introduces GPT-4, and Pornhub restricts access

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Last week, despite the disruption caused by the July 4th holiday, there were several significant events. Meta launched Threads, its rival to Twitter, which quickly gained millions of users. Meanwhile, Twitter quietly removed the login requirement for viewing tweets, just days after implementing it. In addition, secretive hardware startup Humane revealed details about its first product, and OpenAI made its GPT-4 generative AI model available to the public.

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Threads goes live: Instagram launched Threads, a text-based social networking app that allows users to post short updates. The app gained over 30 million sign-ups within 24 hours, but it is not available in the EU due to data privacy regulations.

Twitter takes the gloves off: Twitter threatened to sue Meta, accusing the company of poaching former Twitter employees to create its Threads platform.

A tough thread to delete: Deleting a Threads account requires deleting the linked Instagram account, which surprised many users.

OpenAI launches GPT-4: OpenAI made its GPT-4 model available through its paid API. GPT-4 can generate text, accept image and text inputs, and performs at a “human level” on professional and academic benchmarks.

Humane unveils the Ai Pin: Humane revealed details about its first product, a wearable gadget with a projected display and AI-powered features.

Pornhub blocks access: Pornhub blocked access to users in Mississippi, Virginia, and Utah due to new age verification laws.

Reddit’s valuation gets cut, again: Fidelity further reduced its estimated valuation of Reddit, now valuing it at $5.5 billion.

Goldman looks to ditch Apple: Goldman Sachs is reportedly seeking to end its high-profile partnership with Apple.


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Moving to save cash: Peyton Carr discusses the financial benefits and complexities of relocating for tax reasons.

Being a Black founder in France: Dom sheds light on the challenges faced by Black entrepreneurs in the French startup ecosystem.

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