Netmaker’s $2.3M Seed Pitch Deck: A Sample Presentation

In a world where remote workers and other users need access to networks and various other use cases, Netmaker offers a solution for creating and managing VPN connections without a steep learning curve. TechCrunch previously reported on Netmaker’s seed round announcement. The company’s pitch deck, which raised $2.3 million, has been submitted for review.

The deck consists of 14 slides, with certain sensitive data redacted and clearly marked. The slides cover the following topics: cover slide, problem, vision, solution, market size, product, how it works, traction, product evolution, go-to-market, road map, competition, team, and closing.

Three notable aspects of the deck include its focus on traction, simplicity in explaining how the product works, and a clear vision for the future. Netmaker showcases impressive traction, although some metrics may be seen as vanity metrics that don’t necessarily translate into customer growth. The “How it works” slide provides a basic understanding of the product, although screenshots of the actual setup process could provide more insight. Additionally, Netmaker presents a bold vision for the future of the industry, even if it may be ambitious.

Overall, Netmaker’s pitch deck effectively communicates key information while keeping it accessible. However, there are areas where improvement or alternative approaches could be considered.

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