OceanGate terminates employee who reported misconduct, Reddit faces hacker threat to release user data, and Marvel explores AI art integration

Welcome to Week in Review (WiR), TechCrunch’s newsletter that recaps the week in tech. This week was shorter for many due to the Juneteenth observance on Monday, but there were still significant developments. Here are the highlights:

– We have coverage on the OceanGate tragedy and the ongoing Reddit API controversy.
– Check out our full review of the new Google Pixel Tablet, which includes the bundled dock as a major highlight.
– Microsoft announced its roadmap for building a quantum supercomputer within the next 10 years.
– WhatsApp introduced a feature to automatically silence calls from unknown numbers.
– Marvel’s AI-generated intro sequence for the “Secret Invasion” series on Disney+ created controversy among artists.
– Deloitte quit as the auditor of Byju’s, and three board members resigned from the Indian startup.

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For TechCrunch+ subscribers, here are some highlights from this week’s in-depth commentary, analysis, and surveys. Accel partner Harry Nelis discusses Europe and Israel’s emergence as producers of tech founders. Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong shares his vision of turning Coinbase into a “super app”. Researchers at Swiss university EPFL uncover potential cheating among distributed crowd workers on Amazon Mechanical Turk.

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