Planapy to Launch Website; Proprietary Assessment Supporting Entrepreneurs and New Businesses in America

Salt Lake City, UT, September 16, 2022 –(– Recessions in the United States show that when the tough gets going, entrepreneurs get their business juices flowing. The idea of booming new business doesn’t seemingly fit into the picture of hardship for existing business. Take the challenging year of 2020 into consideration. According to the Census Bureau, more than 4.4 million new businesses were created in the United States in 2020, the highest total on record. Half a million new businesses were started in January 2021 alone and the trend has continued into 2022.

Started businesses, however, does not mean successful businesses.

Over 60% of new businesses close in their first year, a sad fact for what should be a happy process. Starting and planning a small business can be both time-consuming and difficult to navigate, particularly for new entrepreneurs and first-time business owners. Planapy provides solutions to entrepreneurs by being an all-in-one resource and guide for marketing, branding, legal and funding.

The free, proprietary assessment curates a checklist customized to clients’ entrepreneurial needs to help them understand which tools are needed for success in every area of the clients’ business, where, when and how they need them.

The website launches 9/19 at

Bring those ideas. Planapy is listening. Let’s make planning a business, a happy process.

Having taken numerous start-ups on their journey to success, Planapy founders noticed that would-be entrepreneurs face tremendous difficulty knowing where to begin building their path. Without guidance comes frustration, precious funds disappearing, wasted resources, and worst, deflated optimism. Brilliant ideas are given up before they have a chance to blossom. Through Planapy’s proprietary assessment, clients’ can create a custom checklist to follow to ensure their company has the greatest chance of succeeding possible. Planapy has teamed up with incredible partners to help clients’ take that next step when ready. Visit Planapy online at

Ryan Walton
Co-founder / CMO

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