Shreekant Patil, Consultant, Founder of PARENTNashik Conducted Workshop During Faculty Development Program at KBT Engineering College Nashik

Nashik, India, January 07, 2024 –(– KBT Engineering College recently organized a Faculty Development Program (FDP) aimed at enhancing the knowledge and skills of its esteemed professors. The program, held from January 2 to January 6, 2024, featured sessions led by industry expert founder of PARENTNashik, Chartered Engineer Shreekant Patil, a certified LEAN MSME and ZED Consultant, as well as a mentor at Startup India and Chairman of the Committee at NIMA, MACCIA.

CE. Shreekant Patil conducted an enriching 3-hour session focusing on various aspects of business models, entrepreneurship, government funding, and the challenges and opportunities for new enterprises in consultancy with new technology. Sharing his extensive experience in consultancy, CE. Shreekant Patil emphasized the potential for international opportunities and highlighted the anticipated changes in the Indian economy over the next 5 years, providing valuable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs.

The workshop was attended by a plethora of distinguished faculty members including Dr. Parvat, Dr. Abhijeet Kulkarni, Dr. Patil, Dr. Jadhav, and numerous other professors and students from KBT Engineering College. The session concluded with Dr. Patil felicitating Mr. Shreekant Patil for his insightful contribution.

The event was met with high appreciation from all attendees, with professors, heads of departments, and students expressing gratitude for the invaluable knowledge shared during the workshop.

CE. Shreekant Patil’s dedication to cultivating an environment of entrepreneurship among college and university professors was evident, as he outlined his commitment to continue these efforts until December 2024, with the intention to train and empower educators in fostering an entrepreneurial ecosystem. He emphasized the significance of professors being equipped to venture into the realm of MSMEs or start their own consulting firms to support industries, further highlighting the importance of establishing commercial R & D centres at college levels to aid MSMEs.

The FDP session, which commenced at 2:30 PM and concluded at 5:30 PM, stands as a testament to KBT Engineering College’s commitment to nurturing a culture of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit among its faculty and student community.

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