Woman-Owned Travel Business Prepares to Launch New Product as the Travel Industry Sees Steady Growth in 2022

Boise, ID, September 12, 2022 –(PR.com)– Borsali, a travel product brand, opened their doors in 2019. On the company’s one year anniversary in March of 2020, travel was shut down due to COVID restrictions. The company continued to market their existing products to new and existing outdoor enthusiasts. They also added a product (paper hand soap) that could be used while camping, hiking, or in local businesses at a time when everyone was conscious of keeping their hands extra clean.

In 2021 as restrictions were slowly being lifted, Borsali started seeing increased sales and then in 2022 sales were up over 400% from the previous year.

The founder said, “We were so excited to know that travel lovers were ready and anxious to get back out there and re-book their vacations and trips!” She also spoke about how passionate Borsali is about their customers’ overall experience from the moment they begin packing their bags to the day they come home, “Our company is dedicated to helping travelers spend more time enjoying their vacation and less time packing and digging through their bags. We have learned the last few years that every moment is precious and that it should never take more than a minute to find what you need in your luggage.”

Borsali’s newest product, the lightest weight travel bottles, had been put on hold and it is now ready to be released. “We are very excited for our upcoming launch as well as the continued health of the travel industry. We wish everyone that loves to travel to have amazing experiences in the world.”

Borsali is a woman owned business located in Idaho, you can contact them for more information by email, travelwithus@borsali.com or by visiting the website www.borsali.com.

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