AI Robotic Company Zippedi Closes 2022 as a Successful Year

San Francisco, CA, January 16, 2023 –(– Zippedi, a Bay Area-based startup transforming the Retail industry through RaaS (Robotics as a Service), has consolidated as it closes 2022, another successful year with a rise in locations across the world, and is expecting the launch of a new robot, app, updated OSA, and even more territories.

Starting in Santiago, Chile in 2017, Zippedi had a rapid growth as supermarkets and retailers saw the impact of digitizing stores though the robot, Zippy. However, in 2022, Zippedi has successfully solidified its company and has been able to continue creating new opportunities for 2023.

Zippedi attended 5 international events in 2022 to showcase the service, including Grocery Shop Las Vegas 2022, where Zippedi debuted its new robot. In addition, Zippedi achieved its presence in over 200 stores worldwide. This year has been the most successful year for Zippedi yet.

In addition to a new robot, Zippedi is announcing their new Bruno App – which helps employees easily access the task management system created by Zippy. Employees can create and complete tasks and view product information at the touch of a button. Bruno was designed to increase efficiency and productivity, and reduce margin of error. Bruno is already ready to download in the App Store, Google Play, and App Gallery.

Zippedi is also announcing its new On Shelf Availability (OSA 2.0), which will improve data management, calculations and logistics, and missing information issues. This new OSA will allow the flow between warehouse to shelf and ultimately end-customer to be more accurate and trustworthy. Zippedi is constantly improving its products and reducing inconsistencies throughout all processes.

In other exciting news, Zippedi will also be opening operations in Germany and Australia. With these expansions, Zippedi only hopes to continue growing and revolutionizing the retail industry.

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