An AI-Generated ‘South Park’ Episode, Microsoft’s Security Struggles, and Tesla’s Debut Cybertruck Creation

Welcome to Week in Review (WiR), TechCrunch’s weekly summary of the latest tech news. If you missed the headlines this week, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

In this edition of WiR, we have articles about a fake AI-generated “South Park” episode, the popularity of Threads app, Tesla’s first Cybertruck build, OnlyFans CEO stepping down, Wix’s new AI-powered website creation tool, and Plex’s free Winamp-inspired music player.

Let’s dive into the details. Fable Studios, an AI startup, showcased its platform by creating a fake “South Park” episode that didn’t sit well with creatives due to an ongoing strike in the TV and film industry. On the security front, Microsoft is still investigating how Chinese-backed hackers managed to gain access to multiple email inboxes, including government agencies.

Meanwhile, Instagram’s “Threads” app saw a surge in downloads, causing confusion with Threads, an unrelated app that was originally pitched as a Slack alternative. Tesla finally unveiled its long-awaited Cybertruck, and OnlyFans’ CEO Ami Gan stepped down, leaving the platform in the hands of Keily Blair.

Wix, known for its website-building solutions, introduced an AI Site Generator tool that allows users to generate complete websites by describing their intent. Additionally, Plex announced that its Winamp-inspired music player, Plexamp, is now free.

In other news, Cowboy, a competitor of VanMoof e-bikes, launched its “Bikey” app, which allows VanMoof riders to continue using their e-bikes despite VanMoof’s financial struggles.

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