Konux prepares to expand AI + IoT strategies for railway optimization

If you haven’t been taking a break from technology, you’ve probably noticed the surge of AI hype that has been dominating headlines. But amidst all the buzz, Konux, an AI scale-up based in Munich, has been quietly working on applying machine learning to revolutionize transportation on railways. By utilizing proprietary sensing hardware and AI, Konux is building a SaaS business focused on predictive maintenance software-as-a-service. Its goal is to digitize and transform railway infrastructure using AI and IoT to gather real-time data and add intelligence to fixed rails. With the increasing demand for train travel and the push for sustainable transportation options, governments and railway operators are looking to digitize networks with the help of new technologies. This creates opportunities for startups like Konux to make an impact. However, Konux emphasizes that its AI business tackles a “dirty” problem, involving not just clean digital solutions, but also the challenges of sensor deployment, data extraction, and organizational change. Konux’s deep tech methods and stress-tested connected hardware allow it to measure vibration on railway tracks, detecting anomalies that may indicate potential failures. The company then provides predictive maintenance insights to railway operators through an accessible software interface. This application of AI aims to reduce service downtime and delays for passengers. Konux also supports rail operators with business intelligence on network traffic, usage monitoring, inspection planning, and scheduling. The ultimate promise of Konux’s AI and IoT-enabled technology is to unlock the potential for increased rail capacity without the need for physical expansion. By running twice as much capacity on existing train tracks, rail operators can optimize operations and address the climate challenge. Konux acknowledges that there is still work to be done in fully digitizing rail networks, but it believes that its technology can provide visibility and improve dynamic traffic management. With greater insights into network operations, operators can anticipate disruptions more effectively, minimize delays, and optimize train routing. Konux’s mission aligns with the need to double rail capacity to meet global climate commitments. The company aims to contribute to the revolution in the operations and maintenance of rail networks to unlock the missing capacity required for sustainable transportation.

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