PleasrDAO Kicks Off Charity Auction of Iconic “Doge” Couch to Benefit Save The Children — the Doge & Her Human Mama, Atsuko, to Make Rare Live Appearance on PleasrHouse

Brooklyn, NY, February 08, 2023 –(– PleasrDAO is announcing the second episode of PleasrHouse, a live interactive art auction show. The show will stream live February 8 at 7:30 pm ET with guests Atsuko Sato and Kabosu, the Shiba Inu dog from the historic “Doge” meme and her human mama. The livestream will run during the last hour of a 24-hour charity auction of the couch seen in the original Doge photo.

Kabosu has been a beloved internet celebrity for more than a decade, inspiring the Dogecoin cryptocurrency and the “Do Only Good Everyday” ethos of charity and education. Atsuko announced on Christmas Eve 2022 that Kabosu was in poor health, and at the time was not eating. The 17 year old doge recovered, but has been diagnosed with leukemia and liver disease, and will make a rare live appearance with Atsuko on the PleasrHouse live stream.

PleasrDAO acquired the original Doge photo from Atsuko in a 2021 NFT auction, and subsequently fractionalized it, kicking off the Own The Doge Community and a relationship with Atsuko that drove significant donations to her favorite charities helping animals and children, and led to this upcoming couch auction to further benefit charity.

Proceeds from the auction of the couch will go to Save The Children, the charity selected by Atsuko and the Own The Doge community, who previously made a $1M donation to Save The Children.

“Dogs love kids and kids love dogs. The unconditional love a dog shows a child and a child shows a pet is a sentiment we share with the Own The Doge community. We are grateful to the crypto community for supporting Save the Children’s children’s emergency fund, which includes our recent earthquake response that devastated Türkiye and Syria and for your past donation to our humanitarian response efforts in Afghanistan.” – Ettore Rossetti, Head of Web3 Innovation Partnerships, Save the Children

The subject of the auction will be the original couch pictured in the 2010 photo of Kabosu, which has become a part of internet lore as the Doge meme. The couch is being donated by Atsuko Sato, who rescued Kabosu in 2008 and is the photographer of the picture that started it all. The winner of the auction will immediately receive an NFT that includes the right to claim the actual couch from Atsuko.

During the show, fans of Kabosu can participate in live chat and polls on PleasrHouse, with audience questions and comments shared with Atsuko. In addition to the couch auction, the episode will also feature an Open Edition NFT drop to further honor Kabosu and support charity.

The 24-hour auction of the couch began at 8:30pm ET on Feb 7, with the last hour of the auction coinciding with the live stream and interviews with Atsuko and Kabosu airing at 7:30pm ET on Feb 8. The show and auction take place at

About PleasrHouse
PleasrHouse is a new experiment created to disrupt the shared experience of live art auctions. Each episode thematically surrounds a unique and storied piece of art, exploring the importance of the work through original content, interviews, and more, ultimately culminating in a high-profile auction for the piece, with sale proceeds going directly to the artist or the charity of their choosing. The result is an evolution of the conventional auction house structure for all parties involved. Artists can receive instantaneous liquid compensation for their work rather than be beholden to longer traditional payment timelines. Patrons can purchase artifacts without pre-approval requirements through fully anonymized transactions on the blockchain. Viewers can actively participate in the previously inaccessible auction process and learn more about the significance of the work that is available for auction without ever having to place a bid.

About Own The Doge
The original Doge Meme was acquired by PleasrDAO in 2021 and fractionalized so everyone can own a piece of internet history with the DOG token. Fans of the Doge can buy fractions of the NFT and can even mint pixels to visually represent their pieces of the meme. The Own The Doge community proudly works with Atsuko Sato, photographer of the photo and mama to Kabosu – the doge, to support charities and communities in the Do Only Good Everyday spirit.

About PleasrDAO
PleasrDAO collects, enhances, and amplifies culturally significant artifacts. Since PleasrDAO purchased its genesis piece (pplpleasr’s Uniswap V3 NFT), PleasrDAO has set a precedent for acquiring unique pieces of artwork from groundbreaking creators such as the Wu-Tang Clan, Pussy Riot, Jimmy Wales, IX Shells, and more. PleasrDAO’s collection spans numerous formats including memes (“Doge”), music (“Once Upon a Time in Shaolin”), generative art (“Dreaming at Dusk”), and more. PleasrHouse is the first of many outputs from PleasrDAO that aim to elevate the most iconic and diverse collection of community-owned artworks and artifacts.


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