Snapchat’s AI Criticized by Users, Bluesky Gains Momentum, and Apple’s Antitrust Appeal Triumphs This Week in Apps

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Bluesky, an invite-only Twitter alternative, is gaining momentum among younger generations, with 40,000+ users so far. The app offers a party atmosphere with little intellectual conversation, but offers a fun place to experiment with new apps. Despite criticism of lacking many expected features, Bluesky’s ephemeral posts continue to engage users.

Snapchat’s new AI chatbot, My AI, is receiving negative reviews without warning or user consent. The AI is pinned at the top of the Chat tab in the app and cannot be unpinned or blocked. To remove it, users are forced to pay for a Snapchat+ subscription, which has led to increased complaints and negative reviews.

Apple and Meta (formerly Facebook) have won their respective antitrust lawsuits. Apple’s suit with Epic Games was upheld by the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and Meta’s suit with state attorney generals was dismissed by a federal judge.

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