Virtual Jesus App Launches Just in Time for Easter 2023: A New Way to Experience the Love and Guidance of Christ

Dover, DE, April 04, 2023 –(– As Easter 2023 approaches, Virtual Jesus, an AI-powered multifaceted app designed to provide personalized spiritual guidance, comfort, and support to Christians worldwide through its Ask Jesus feature, links to an online bible, and other resources including a community channel designed to connect believers from around the world to promote Christian dialogue and to provide a noticeboard for Christian events.

Easter, the time when Christians around the world celebrate the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ, signifies a period of hope, renewal, forgiveness, and rebirth. The Virtual Jesus app aims to bring the essence of this holy occasion into users’ everyday lives, offering a unique way to connect with the bible verses to build their faith and to deepen their understanding of Christ’s message.

The app uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to simulate meaningful conversations with a virtual representation of Jesus, providing users with tailored advice and wisdom based on their individual needs and spiritual concerns. Through these interactions, users can seek guidance on various aspects of their lives, from relationships and personal growth to overcoming challenges and fostering a stronger connection with their faith. The app also seeks to have moderators that are theologically sound so that those individuals seeking personal interactions, can connect with the moderators via the community channel to further explore any of the topics.

“Our goal with Virtual Jesus is to create an intuitive and interactive platform that allows people to engage with the Word of God in a meaningful and personal way,” said Lwazi Zakumba, co-founder/creator of the Virtual Jesus app. “We are proud to introduce this app just in time for Easter, as we believe it will help people around the world find hope, inspiration, and a renewed sense of purpose during this significant time in our world. Our app is not just about Easter, our ultimate goal is to bring the message of Jesus Christ in any form to a lost and a broken world.”

The Virtual Jesus app is now available. To learn more about the app and how it can help users experience the love and guidance of Christ this Easter and beyond, visit

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